Instant Performer Review

Instant Performer – Product Review

For many men erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common issue, particularly instant performer in older men and it is estimated that half of all men aged between the age of 40 and 70 will experience ED at least once.

What if that one time happens to be when you need it most; a first date, your anniversary or even your wedding night!

While there is a range of causes from physical issues (hormonal problems), psychological (stress) or even just being plain drunk, there are no quick fixes for this annoying and frustrating problem.

Not until Instant Performer was made available!

There are number of products on the market that claim to solve this problem in the form of capsules, powders, pills, oils and gels, but nothing works as fast as Instant Performer, in just 40 seconds you can go from limp to rock sold!

In this review we will look at the ingredients of this product, how it works and how it compares to the competition.

What is Instant Performer?

Instant Performer is a new male sexual enhancement product that comes in the form of an oil made up of specially selected natural ingredients that work on the same principles as Viagra but without the unpredictability and more importantly without the side effects.

The unique formula contains eleven natural nutrients and extracts that have been proven over hundreds of years to aid sexual performance.

These include; Arginine, for vitality and endurance, Pomegranate, known to increase libido and the Ginko Bilboa Leaf, which increases blood flow to the genitals. The compact tube has been designed to allow quick and easy application as well as discreet storage.

So this revolutionary product not only gives you an instant erection, it also so gives your penis increased virility and strength, and allows you to maintain your erection for a long lasting performance.

How does it work?

Instant Performer is guaranteed to work immediately and the results are amazing, the oil works when you need it most and offers an array of results:

-         This male enhancement product makes your penis feel much larger to you and her (immediately)

-        Not only a harder fuller erection but you control how long you stay hard for

-        A major increase in blood flow to the penis

-        A much more intensified orgasm

This Male Enhancement product has been made available after years of research to solve a problem that affects men of all ages, not just older men and we could certainly tell with the reviews we have received and read. Instant Performer can be used at any adult age, and at any time.

Instant Performer even works after the effects of alcohol; simply apply the oil before intercourse – or even get your lover to apply it for you – carry on with a bit of foreplay and get ready for the ride of your life!

How does it fare with the competition?

Firstly the fact that it’s an oil solution makes it a more desirable way of attaining male enhancement, whether self applied or your partner applies it, it can add to the sexual mood.

There are benefits in comparison to a pill for various reasons; some men may simply dislike the process of taking a pill, or may find that their formula of choice has undesirable side effects such as causing an upset stomach or headache.

Instant Performer does not carry such risks – however a patch test on a small area of nearby skin is recommended when using the product for the first time to ensure that no skin irritations occur.

You also have more control with Instant Performer, having the ability to more accurately control dosage. While pills entail the ingestion of a set amount of product, you can apply Instant Performer with greater precision, customising the results based on your own specific reaction to the product.

While directions should be carefully considered as with any product to avoid unsafe levels of application, the ability to use a little less or a little more is valuable to many men.

Benefits of the Instant Performer:

-        180 days money back guarantee

-        Free ‘Penis Health Online’ subscription

-        Free ‘Penis Health DVD’

-        Free penis enhancement pills

-        Free Shipping

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