How to Make your Penis Bigger without Pills

Do you know that you can make your penis bigger without pills? This is possible through a scientifically tested and proven method. By now you must have known that penis enlargement pills do not work. There do not work and the side effects associated with them are very harmful. Penis enlargement pills can cause severe damage to the body of an individual. It can cause impotency, persistent headache, running stomach, diarrhea, nausea and the rest of others. If you have taken them in one way or the other, you must be aware of these effects which it leaves on the body of the consumer.

One of the ways which you can apply to make your penis bigger without pills is through the use of penis exercises. Some people will scoff at this feeling that the penis is not a muscle. The fact is that penis exercises work very well if you do it the proper way. Really the penis is not a muscle, but if you increase the flow of blood to the veins of your penis, it will increase the size of your manhood. Not only will it give you a bigger penis, but you will also have a harder and stronger erection whenever your penis erects. Some people have been able to cure impotency and infertility from the performance of penis exercises. Weak erection and low sperm count can all be tackled through the utilization of penis workouts.

Some people get results from doing penis exercises while some don’t get any results. The reason is clear. The set of people who didn’t perform the exercise the right way do not get results. The reason is because they begin the exercise and hope for quick results. As they do it and feel that they are not seeing any increase in the size of their penis, they decide to quit. The truth is that you need to do penis work consistently for a period of 1 month. You need to do it at least 20 minutes per day for a period of one month without skipping any session. Commitment, consistency and intensity are the best way to make your penis bigger without pills.

There are four types of penis exercises which you need to make your dick bigger. They are milking, jelqing, hanging and kegel exercises. Though there are more, but you can start with this one till you get acquainted with it. Under jelqing we have standard and advanced jelgqing. You are supposed to start with standard jelqing. All of these exercises are simple daily routines which require your hands, Vaseline, and instructions to follow in order to do this exercise the proper way.

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