Life Cell Cream Review

South Beach has developed an effective wrinkle reducing product with their Lifecell collagen cream. This product is an intense moisturizer and skin cell nutrient that is applied topically to the skin. The Lifecell formulation is powerful enough to penetrate through twenty layers of skin to supply damaged cells with needed nutrients. This cream is designed to stimulate the natural formulation of collagen in your cells with the result of reducing facial wrinkles, soften lines, and repair the crows feet that appears around eyes. The serum contains a special micro lifter and firmer that forms a network to push up and smooth out wrinkles on your face. South Beach research has determined that women over forty have over twenty five thousand mico points on their face which the Lifecell collagen cream targets.

Wrinkle reduction is the primary benefit of using Lifecell, but it provides additional benefits as well. The product is an intense facial moisturizer that gives you skin immediate nutrients to promote healthy skin. If you have blemishes on your face or discolored areas then the cream will help reduce these areas as well. Eyes that appear puffy, have dark circles, or lines around them can be greatly reduced or eliminated. Lips can be have a more full appearance without looking puffy or unnatural. Any indented areas on your face can be lifted up and smoothed out with the stimulated production of collagen.

Lifecell is a all in one product that is applied topically with results than can be seen in as little as twenty four hours. The active ingredient is D3P acid which is a potent antioxidant that penetrates layers of skin right down to the cell membranes where it helps to eliminate free radicals and nourish the cells. It also has a fat soluble form of Vitamin C called Ascorbyl Palmitate which according to the Mayo Clinic helps skin to reduce wrinkles, and makes skin tighter and more robust to resist lines and other blemishes. The serum also includes Deanol which is a powerful way to treat sagging skin. Idebenone is also present which is a potent form of anti oxidant specially prevents oxidants from damaging skin cells. The formation of lines and wrinkles are also treated with AH3 which prevents the depths of imperfections. Finally, South Beach has included a super nutrient for skin cells called Regu, which contains pure soy and rice peptides, and yeast protein, which nourish skin cells.

South Beach Lifecell wrinkle reduction cream is quite simple to use. All you need is a few drop of the product on each side of your face. Once applied take one of your smaller fingers and gently pat the cream without rubbing. This will enable Lifecell to be absorbed in to the skin where it will spread underneath to your entire face. Many women report that they can see visible results in as little as one day. This really is an all in one wrinkle reduce for facial beauty cream that is sure to bring you positive results.

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