Jump Manual Review

Being able to dunk a basketball is an awesome feeling. But if you are one of those shorter people, it is quite a challenge to jump high enough and dunk the ball. If you are shorter than 5 foot 9 inches and seeking for a solution to this problem, you might have heard of the Jump Manual vertical leap program. This program promises to help you increase your vertical leap up to 10 inches in 12 weeks.

Jump Manual Review – Can you really gain 10 inches with the Jump Manual program?

The Jump Manual vertical leap program is created by Jacob Hiller who has trained Olympics and professional athletes to achieve the maximum vertical leap for over 8 years. He has real experience dealing with training one on one and understand how muscles work and what are the best exercises and diets to maximize the results. In the Jump Manual program, Jacob help you understand the 9 essential variables of an explosive vertical: Strength, quickness, neurological recruitment & conditioning, fuel, stability and balance, form, flexibility, body composition, and hereditary factors.

Most people wasted time training the wrong type of muscles to jump higher. In the Manual, Jacob shows you the correct exercises and workouts you can do to maximize your results. Either you have to increase leg muscles or lose more upper body weight, you can get access to the 1 on 1 personalized training in this program. There are also detail videos where Jacob shows you how to do the exercises so you can easily follow.

The Jump Manual program focuses on the many aspect of jumping and target different muscle groups on your body to maximize the results. Exercises such as plyometrics, strength and power lifting exercises, drills, and stretches are included in the program to maximize your quickness, speed, and vertical explosion. This program will save you lots of time and hard work because most of the time you train wrong but it’s gonna feel like you train right.

You will also understand that muscles are not built in the gym. The Jump Manual provides you with the full diet and nutritional information on how to eat and what to eat to make sure your muscles grow to the maximum potential. This program, however, is not for everyone. If you are not serious about add inches to your vertical leap and ready to work hard, you shouldn’t try this program. It only provides you with the right tools, you have to use it.

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