Experience Birthday Gifts

Types of Experiential Gifts

There are many experiential gifts, some of them are driving, adventure, rally driving, makeover, skydiving, photo shoot, dance, flying, cooking, paintball, activity, wine tasting, football, horse racing, beauty, motorbike, helicopter, spa and massage.

One of the best birthday experience gifts to give is Swedish message. It can help the recipient to unwind and relax to a sensory heaven as the person receives this typical Swedish body massage.

The features attached to this birthday gift experience are numerous. Some of them are

1. One on one session lets a qualified and licensed therapist to aim at your problem regions.

2. The therapist will utilize exceptional massage ointments on the recipient. You have the opportunity to receive light to medium relaxation stroking to enhance circulation, muscles tone and better your skin condition.

3. The minutes for this massage ranges from 50 minutes, 80 minutes and two times of 50 minutes massages. The price ranges from $100to $190 based on the numbers of minutes you select.

You can present this gift in a personalized form to the person you want to give it to. There is option to buy it at cloud 9 living while the person will book for the Swedish massage anytime they want. They can exchange this gift experience for free with another one if they change their mind on the way. There are up to 1500 experience gifts to exchange it for. There is refund if you no longer want the gift anymore.

Furthermore, the therapist in charge will make use of extraordinary massage oil to manipulate your muscles and take away your stress away with the power of massaging. Your lady will leave the massage room feeling completely revivified with more flexibility and overall freeness from muscle tension and pains. It is an easy thing in life which gives the major pleasure.

This massage is open from Monday to Wednesday. The time is 9am to 7pm. It also reopens from Thursday to Sunday from 9 am to 8 pm. The person can make out time within this period so they can enjoy the Swedish massage.

Weather condition
This experiential gift will be carried out inside and as such it will not be hindered by poor weather.

What the receiver should wear
The person should wear a convenient dress while coming for the massage. Items like towel, robe, and slippers will be provided by the therapist.

How to buy experience gift
The best way to buy an experience gift is in form of voucher. The voucher will afford the receiver the option to select from up to 1500 experiential gifts available. Cloud 9 Living carries the largest collection of experience gifts in USA.

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