Echinacea Review

Health Benefits of Echinacea

Echineacea is popularly known as purple coneflower. Echinacea is a herb which is native to American culture. It is very popular due to its healing properties. Persons suffering from flu, cold and respiratory problems can easily get relief when they take its herbal extract. Studies have revealed that this herb has the ability to enhance the immune cell response. This is only limited to specific preparations of Echinacea. The type of Echinacea which you should buy for this purpose is the freshly exhorted juicy types or separated polysaccharides. A study of up to 14 clinical trials on the results of Purple coneflower on the continuance and severeness of common cold reveals that pre-treatment using Echinacea lowered the chances of acquiring cold by as high as 58% and brought down the average time frame of the common cold by 14 days. These results and subsequent ones back the utilization of Purple coneflower for preventing and treating common cold.

Additional research is being carried out to discover the utilization of this herb for the prevention or treatment of cancer. Results gotten from a study conducted in 2005 using mice revealed that day to day intake of purple coneflower is helpful in preventing such occurrence. It elongated the life time of ageing in mice, considerably decreased the effects of leukemia and elongated the life time of mice with leukemia. Though the outcomes gotten from research using mouse is promising, it is necessary to bear in mind that animal research can’t be presumed to establish clinical efficaciousness in human beings all the time. Now that you have learned the health benefits of this

Where to Buy Echinacea

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