Discount Honeycomb Shades

Smith+Noble Vertical Cellular ShadesThe best honeycomb shades is made to appear and feel like fabric. It is produced to have a superior appearance and soft colorization is added to enhance its visual appearance so it will not fade even when it is left in full-sun position. There are people who call the honeycomb shades all kinds of name, some of these names include cellular shades, or honey comb window blinds. When you hear honeycomb shades, cellular shades and honeycomb window blinds, they are all talking about the same thing, so you need not be confused when someone says cellular shades.

Some brands of this kind of window treatment carry top and button rails which are wrapped using fabric for a homogenous appearance. There exist many types of cellular shades. Some of them are blackout, optilight, petite cell, petite blackout, grand cell, grand blackout, skiplight, twin cell, triple cell, arch, Christopher lowel varieties.

Many of the assorted type of honeycomb shades have their color varieties, making it possible to have a lot of color which you can select from. The price of the above named shades varies from brand to brad. The higher it costs, the more quality in texture and durability you should expect to get from it.

Where to Buy

Smith + Noble carry sells all kinds of honeycomb shades you can find on the market at an affordable price. It is one of the best online stores where you can order it online and request a professional to come to your place to install it for free. It also offers free home measuring to determine the size that will match the window where you want to fix the window shade in case you do not know the fitting size.

Smith + Noble is an online store where you can find discount honeycomb shades. It offers a wide range of elegant and quality window treatments. You need to see more about it at Elegant Window Treatments