Best Way to Tighten Loose Vagina at Home

If you sense that your vagina is turning loose or your sex partner is complaining that your vagina is not tight anymore, there are few things which may be causing a vagina to appear loose. The good part is that there are some ways which you can do to tighten your vagina for good and safely.

Causes of Loose Vagina

There are a lot of reasons why the vagina appears loose. Some of them are:

Giving birth

When you deliver a child it will make the vagina to magnify, causing it to appear loose and wide.

Having lots of sex

Females who engage in excessive sex are likely to develop loose vagina

Natural causes

It is also possible to be born with loose vagina. It does not only come artificial only.

When to worry about having loose vagina?

You may probably have a loose vagina at the time you feel the desire to insert big stuffs in your vagina for pleasure. If your vagina does not appear tighter at the time you get aroused, then you should worry about loose vagina. You may also worry about loose vagina if you are not able to pleasure your man unlike before. If you are able to insert up to three or more of your fingers into your vagina with no resistance, then there is a high possibility that you have a loose vagina.

The first method you should apply to tighten your vagina is to do some set of kegel exercises. It will aid to fasten the muscles which are positioned near to your pelvic region. It will aid to boost your sexual delight by enabling your bordering muscles to be firmer and flexible.

You should attempt to lie down and squeeze the muscles you apply to quit peeing.  You should contract the muscle for a few seconds and relax for a few seconds. If you sense that your belly or butt muscles are tightening, then you aren’t performing it the right way.

The next means to tighten your vagina is to utilize vaginal cones, creams or vaginal sprays. Vaginal cones are heavy stuffs you insert in your vagina to tighten it while vaginal sprays or cream are liquid substance you apply in your vaginal to tighten it up.

The last resort to tighten your vagina is the use of vaginoplasty. It is a type of surgery used to reinstate the muscles around the vagina in order to make them tighten. It is an expensive one and it is also harmful with complications. The complication is the inability to feel pleasure when the vaginal wall and muscles are damaged. Some persons may think they exist herbs is the best way to tighten loose vagina at home but i have not found any herbs that work for tightening loose vagina.

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